If you are training with kettlebells or thinking of buying a set and ramping up your training, then this blog will help you save time and money.

Many customers who want to buy kettlebells do not know what they want, or which type of kettlebells to choose. We’ll help you choose the right type of kettlebell for you so you don’t need to waste money on getting the wrong type.

There are 2 main types, iron cast kettlebells and steel competition kettlebells.


iron cast kettlebell


Let’s start with the iron cast kettlebell, and as they named, these kettlebells are made from iron. Usually black in colour and painted in different finishes. Some are powder coated giving them a rougher textural finish and helps reduce scratches or blemishes. Other kettlebells may be painted with a matte or gloss finish which looks great as well.

Iron kettlebells are always different in shape, as the size of the weight increase; so does the physical size of the kettlebell. The handle also changes and becomes thicker. The benefits of an iron kettlebell is mainly the price is lower than your steel material. They are perfect if you mainly do kettlebell swings.

So let’s look at the competition steel kettlebells. What sets these apart is the uniform size no matter how heavy the weight of the kettlebell is.


steel competition kettlebells


How does that benefit me you ask?

If you are performing exercises such as snatches, Turkish get-ups and using kettlebell rack positions; it means you will never need to alter your hand position due to the uniform handle.

Kettlebell swings and goblet squats are still performed the same, some people just prefer the handle to be a certain width. Competition kettlebells come fully painted mostly, and makes it easy to identify a weight in settings such as a gym and boot camp classes.

These look great in a set, but as mentioned earlier when buying this type of kettlebell, it may be slightly higher in price due to the material.

So avoid buying kettlebells that are made from cheap materials such as plastic and concrete fillings. These are mostly sold in variety stores, cheap and nasty. We have had countless customers regret buying these cheap kettlebells, only needing to replace them which results in wasting time and more money.

Lastly, good quality kettlebells usually come in increments of 4kgs. E.g Kettlebells in 8kg,12kg,16kg

Buy them in sets or individually depending on what you want them for, and if you are unsure why not go check them out and test it for yourself.

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