Almost every person in the world, young and old, has suffered or at least will suffer an injury sometime in their life. It’s impossible to completely avoid it. However, there are some things that we can do to overcome our injuries or even prevent them from happening.

Did you know the knee is the largest joint in our body? No wonder it is one of the most commonly injured parts. Another common injury is the meniscus, this is the soft cartilage between the bones that absorb shock and provides cushioning.

An exercise bike is one of the most beneficial exercise equipment that can help prevent injuries and overcome them. Today, exercise bikes are not only used for cardio exercises purposes but are now commonly used as a piece of rehabilitation equipment.

Depending on the type of injury you have will depend on the type of exercise bike you should get, of which there are two types. These are the recumbent and upright exercise bikes.

The Types of Bikes for the Types of Injuries

The most common injuries that people experience are knee and back injuries. An exercise bike is useful to strengthen the knees, which, of course, can reduce the chances of having weaker legs, especially in old age. In addition, biking can help you have a good back posture. Having bad posture is actually one of the main reasons that lead people to have a bad back or prone to a back injury.

The Recumbent Exercise Bike

The recumbent bike is not a regular bike, though it does the same thing, but just in a different way. This type of exercise bike is in a reclined position, allowing you to be slightly laid back. Due to the reclined position, the seat has a backrest that can help you stay seated upright. This is a great support for those with back injuries.


The good thing about this type of bike for those with knee injuries is that there is less pressure on pedaling because of the reclined position. You can have more control of your pedaling as gravity has less force pushing on it. The seat is also adjustable, allowing you the flexibility to move further away from the pedals or closer to it. This is very handy when rehabilitating your knee’s range of motion.


  •     More focused on injury recovery and rehabilitation

  •     More of a relaxing exercise

  •     Ideal if you have back problems

  •     Great for the elderly to maintain knee strength


  •     Takes up more space

  •     Less focused on upper body exercise

The Upright Exercise Bike

This is the more common type of exercise bike that people know about and often seen in gyms. It takes up less room than a recumbent bike, as it in an upright position. Being in an upright position also means that more stress is placed on the knees when pedaling. This is beneficial if you want to exercise in order to prevent knee injuries.


In regard to rehabilitation, it is often used once the knee has developed enough range of motion or if it can handle the greater stress after an injury. Unfortunately, backrest doesn’t come with upright bikes, so you want to avoid using this if you have a back injury as there is a tendency to stand up or move your upper body when you pedal.


  •     More focused on strengthening or developing exercises; lower body and upper body

  •     Takes up less space


  •     Not preferred for immediate use after knee surgery

  •     Sitting for longer periods of time may be an issue if you have back problems.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, if you want to purchase an exercise bike to help you overcome or prevent injuries, the wise decision would first to consult your doctor or physician. Which type of exercise bike you choose can make a significant difference in the strength and development of your legs, knees and back.

In the end, it’s always handy to have an exercise bike nearby as you can also use it for cardio exercises without having to have an injury. Overall, it is a great all-rounder and versatile piece of equipment that has a positive effect on the body, especially if you use it effectively.

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