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Olympic Barbell & Weight Sets


Buy an olympic weight set for your home gym

Whether you are looking to buy a new Olympic barbell or upgrade from a standard barbell, we have the right equipment and advice so you don’t make a costly mistake. You can buy a complete olympic barbell set or individual olympic weights to add to your gym equipment. We stock popular olympic weight packages to help make it easier for you to choose for any budget.

Olympic barbells and weights gives you a safer workout because you can add more weight without the entire Olympic bar toppling to one side. You can have a faster and more efficient workout by reducing the time to change weight plates. You will also be less frustrated and be able to concentrate on your exercise which therefore leads to better focus on technique and purpose.

To get the most out of your workout, we strongly recommend using olympic barbells and weights. In almost every commercial gym, the olympic barbell and olympic weight plate is a standard item. The most noticeable difference with an olympic piece of gym equipment is the diameter of the barbell sleeve (where you slide the weight plate on to) is 50mm. The inside diameter of the weight plate opening is also 50mm.

These days many people are buying exercise equipment and setting up their homes to replicate a commercial gym. This is where many people make mistakes by not investing in the correct olympic barbell and weight set. Instead they opt to buy cheap screw on weight plates, thin barbells and lightweight materials. When you add a great bench and a power cage you will immediately have a home gym set up that will be professional and help you achieve your goals faster.


What weight sets should I get?

The most popular Olympic weight sets we often supply is the 100kg package. This is because it covers a range of exercises that a typical strength and conditioning program will cover. Such as bench press, squats, and deadlifts. The 100kg Olympic barbell set consists of 2x 5kg, 2x 10kg, 2x 15kg and 2x 20kg Olympic weights. 

For beginners, we recommend around 50kg that can cover basic training needs. Also you should consider the weight of the Olympic barbell which will be additional to the Olympic plate set. These come in ranges of 10kg, 15kg and 20kg Olympic barbell weights. 

We highly recommend incremental weights such as the 2.5kg and 1.25kg Olympic weight plate as you improve you will add weight, or depending on your training method, you may decrease weight. Other Olympic barbell accessories can help here too.

There is no set rule for an Olympic barbell set, but more so what you are comfortable lifting. In some home gyms, we recommend leaving weights on certain equipment for convenience. E.g leg press, lat pull down machine or power rack. Instead of having to constantly move the weight plates around, you can have them already at the location ready to go giving a more efficient exercise experience.


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