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Exercise Bikes Upright

Tips on Buying an Exercise Bike / Spinning Cycle

Exercise bikes are one of the most popular cardio exercise equipment we specialise in. Many of our customers come to us and look for solutions due to such as knee injuries, knee replacement post or pre-surgery, weight loss and general fitness, cardio heart issues or just enjoy using an upright exercise bike.

We only have quality exercise bikes for sale in Sydney, Australia and steer clear of anything that is cheap as we don't want our customers wasting further money and time. If you are considering an exercise bike for home, gym or work then speak with us and we will give you best advice when choosing a quality exercise bike.

Size: The size of the bike matters. Depending on your height and weight the stability of the bike will determine how comfortable your workout will be. Exercise bikes with strong frames will provide more support for larger and heavier people. A stronger frame will also allow you to train in various ways such as interval training, climbing hills by allowing you to stand and push harder and therefore give you better and faster results. Smaller frames will be reflective of the price and often at the cheap end.

Saddle: Surprisingly we often find that this is one of the most important things! It makes sense though - you need to be comfortable during your ride and if you are sitting on the bike for long duration you'd want a strong comfortable seat. Most of our exercise bikes we sell have adjustable saddles and are larger than a spin bike seat. So come and try it for yourself!

Frame: A weak frame will not only be unsafe but give you the worst riding experience ever. While getting on and off the bike a strong frame will not easily tip and fall or be unstable. Everything is fixed from the frame and due to the movement in the flywheel, crank and pedals - you need to have a robust frame. We strongly recommend in quality made steel frames that carry a lifetime warranty.

Console: Technology is now making our lives easier and no different with cardio equipment. Some spinning cycles have apps that talk to your mobile devices, bluetooth, USB to download your workouts. However the fundamentals still are display size, ease of use of the controls, visual screen display, and programs. We believe in all of these great functions but have found that many people do not fully utilize all the features and end up paying extra and neglect the other critical factors as described above. Many consoles in our range have tablet and mobile phone holders so you can listen to music or watch your favourite things.

Then there are a whole range of exercise bikes such as spin bikes, recumbent bikes, commercial bikes, air bikes and watt bikes. Depending on your goals needs and budget we can help you. One thing is for certain is that you will not see our selection of quality exercise bikes on the side of the road during the council clean up days!

Contact us or come in to get some great advice on buying spinning cycles or exercise bikes for sale in Sydney, Australia.

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