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Half Racks And Squat Stands

We sell quality half racks and portable squat stands so that you can place your barbell safely while exercising. Our half racks are made from thicker steel and our squat stands are extremely sturdy and will not tip over. You will find different types for sale and we can give you the best advice as it can be confusing when choosing between a half rack or squat stand. 

Half Racks vs Full Racks

What is the main difference between a half rack and a full rack? Simply the half rack does not have 2 or more vertical posts supporting the barbell. In contrast, a full rack has four or more vertical posts which allows more support, strength, and in most cases, more accessories to help you reach your exercise goals. 

Another main factor is sometimes the space it takes up. A full power rack looks more substantial bigger than a half rack, but in many cases there is not a big difference in footprint. The depth and height of the power racks are usually the main concern for home gym setups. Half racks can still take up a considerable amount of space.

Full power racks offer more training dimensions. This is mainly because the cage system can add more power rack attachments. The rack attachments can be very useful, such as a lat pull down pulley system. The cage attachments can range widely, such as; triceps ropes, pull up bars, dip bars, landmine attachments, lat pull down bar, close chin bar attachments and many more. Some half racks can still offer these squat rack accessories but are limited.

Probably one of the most important factors would be safety. Both half racks and full racks have spotter arms to save you from being injured should you not be able to complete the weights repetition. With a full rack the spotter rail is sturdier as it fits from the outer post to the inner post. In contrast, the half rack spotter arm only protrudes from the two vertical posts and there are no other posts for it to meet. Depending on the length of the spotter arm and thickness of the steel; this will determine how strong it will be.


Why buy a half squat rack?

There are many benefits in buying a half rack. 

Think about taking up less space. Half racks can be great in units or areas. A common place is the garage where gym equipment is often shared among cars, work spaces and storage.

When it comes to price, half racks usually cost less. Depending on the quality, you can get a decent half rack starting from $400 brand new. Full commercial half racks can cost into the thousands.

If you are a beginner or training the basics, a half rack is a good start. As our customers progress or get more serious with training, we often find them either adding more equipment or upgrading to a more substantial piece of equipment.

Next is portability, whether it’s for domestic use and you’d like to move it away or you need to travel with it like a personal trainer may, you have these options. 

Half racks are still just as versatile as any other strength exercise equipment if you select the right one for your goals. 


Can you use a half rack for squats?

Half racks or full racks are perfect for squat exercises, especially if you really want to improve your leg strength. 

In the professional Olympic weight lifting sport, squat stands and power racks are a critical piece of equipment. Powerlifting is also a huge part for squat exercises and more and more people are seeing the importance.

For the average person, you can do these exercises and more with a decent adjustable weights bench. For example; bench pressing for the chest area. Shoulder press and attacking the upper chest area. Rack pulls for the back muscles. Barbell arm curls. Squat stands are more than for just exercising the legs and really can give you a great strength workout. 

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