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Dumbbells Rubber Hex

Sweat Central have the best quality gym rubber hex dumbbells for sale in Sydney. One popular reason that rubber hex dumbbells have trended back into gyms, bootcamps and home gyms is functional training and crossfit style exercises. The dumbbells don’t roll away due to the shape, therefore allowing you to stabilize yourself.


There are also differences for fixed hex dumbbells vs round dumbbells. Advantages and disadvantages can include; rubber hex dumbbells are cheap over round rubber dumbbells, the round dumbbells heads are not as large as the rubber hex (but similar), dropping a rubber hex dumbbell will not roll away so perfect for crossfit style exercises and also allows for greater support to use as a platform such as renegage rows.


When looking for a set of rubber hex dumbbells for sale, you can opt for second hand but the risk is that you don’t know how well the dumbbells may have been looked after and if they have been dropped a lot. Dropping can cause the heads to become lose if the hex dumbbell has been poorly manufacturered, and we have seen first-hand the result of what happens when it falls off during exercise.


But aren’t all dumbbells and free weights all the same you ask? Well, like anything – you pay for what you get. So if you have young children around or run a fitness business you need to ask yourself is it worth the risk of buying very cheap rubber hex dumbbells that may cause damage and harm due to the quality and workmanship.


At Sweat Central we do not supply cheap rubber hex dumbbells for sale, we supply to many homes, fitness gyms, and corporate offices and we do not run any risk of our clients being possibly injured due to cheap and inferior made product. Watch out for smelly dumbbells as that is a sign of cheap rubber toxic materials. If someone has these for sale and does not put a long guarantee of the equipment it will also tell you of their confidence of the rubber hex dumbbell for sale.

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