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5 Buying Tips for any Power Cage or Squat Rack

If you are looking for the best power cage for sale in Sydney then you will want to check our custom designed power squat racks. We have sold hundreds of these and we believe our power racks are an excellent addition to any home gym or business.

Our squat cage rack caters for those who want to seriously improve strength and save time exercising. The number of exercises that can be performed on the Sweat Central PR528 Power Cage is endless with the optional lat pull down attachment and torsonator landmine. We will share some buying tips and what to look for if you are looking to buy a squat rack or power cage.

1. The biggest mistake is space consideration. While power rack depth is important, don't forget that your barbell will be wider than your power cage. When measuring width space you need to consider the barbell and body space for you to also take off and load the weight plates. Product measurement depth is important as this will determine how stable the power squat rack will be. Especially if you are performing chin ups or muscle ups or any kipping pull up exercises.

2. Power rack attachments and optional accessories are vital to ensuring that you can keep changing your workout routine. Even if you are doing the 3 main lifts such as deadlift, squats and bench presses - you want to ensure that you have good support for J hooks and spotter rails. The main accessories are lat pull down option with high and low row pulleys, a robust pull up bar, independant dip bars, landline or torsonator functional sleeves and pin stack weight option. Anything else in addition that attaches, folds or needs to be assembled can weaken the structure and goes against what the main use for a squat rack power cage is for. It's for getting serious - so too much going on will impact on training convenience. Use the KISS (Keep It Seriously Simple) method. If you have been to a gym and seen a commercial power cage, then you will notice it is about getting in to do a serious set of exercises and ensuring it is safe and robust to do so. No mucking around.

3. Size does matter when it comes to the steel box tubing. Power cages are fabricated chunks of metal that are cut up and welded together. Because base and upright steel tubes are hollow, you will want to know what the measurements of the tubing are and how thick the steel is. Typically a strong box tube will be 60mm x 60mm x 2mm at minimum. This measurement can indicate how much weight can be placed onto the hooks and bars but of course the hooks and rails must also be well made and provide the strength and stability you need. Larger and thicker box tubes will also be a main factor for the cost and price of any power squat rack.

4. Internal space is a major overlooked area. Countless times we have heard complaints on how people have bought elsewhere a cheap squat or power rack online and only to receive it, set it up and from a first few sessions the internal space felt to small and tight. Think about it, when you squat or bench press your elbows will typically angle out and if you are almost touching the posts or rails...that can seriously throw you off your lift or psychologically irritate you. Be sure that the power cage rack internal dimensions is generous in size. If you are a large person then this is even more critical. If you think you can fit a power cage in your garage, home space of business then don't let the external dimensions worry you too much.

5. Lastly the pull up height and chin up bar location. This can be another major stability concern. This is because power cages with a pull up bar that is welded on the front outside location can potentially cause tipping risks. If you have too much load at the front, such as a large person performing chin ups, suspension TRX trainers or exercise bands anchored at the front, then this can be a major safety issue. You should look for the pull up bar to be fixed just on the inside or forming part of the main top front reinforcement post. The other solution is to permanently weigh down or bolt the power cage to the floor which is not a popular choice. The pull up bar height from the ground will also be a major factor because if you have a low ceiling you will need to look for a short power cage or squat rack. Half power racks do not often come in a short design but are available. Typically an average wall height is 2400mm and will fit a power cage but when doing a proper chin up, remember that your head should clear the chin up bar.

Whether you are looking for a smith machine or gym equipment to do box squats, weight bench presses we believe a good quality power rack will increase your free weights strength routine. It is a major piece of home gym equipment and is far cheaper option than any other squat machine out there. 





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