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Classic Cast Iron Kettlebells & Sets

When it comes to serious improvements in strength and conditioning training, cast iron kettlebell are major fitness equipment pieces. For years the cast iron kettlebell also known as Russian kettlebell have been around. Over most recent times, there have been many innovative styles of kettlebells which also have been made from different types of material. The cast iron kettlebell is probably the most durable and strongest in contrast to steel competition, pvc plastic with cement filling and other interesting alternatives. We sell both the iron cast kettlebell and steel kettlebell, so read on as we go through the differences.

Cast Iron Kettlebells vs Competition Kettlebells


What is the difference between cast iron kettlebells and competition kettlebells? This question is probably one of our most frequently asked or explained when a customer wants to buy a good set of kettlebells.

Firstly, the material as it states; one is made from cast iron and the other steel. Quite obvious, however the shape is a major factor. The cast iron kettlebell increases in size as it increases in weight. E.g an 8kg iron cast kettlebell is much smaller than a 28kg cast iron kettlebell. The handle will also be different.

In contrast, the steel competition kettlebell size and handle remain the same regardless of weight. Another reason why these are called competition kettlebells is that when competitors are travelling the all over to do kettlebell events, the athletes do not need to be concerned about the grip and technique when using this equipment.

Another factor is the look; some people prefer how steel kettlebells look and the ease of distinguishing them by colour. Gyms also like the aesthetic look.

The benefit of the cast iron kettlebell is that they are more rustic in look, originate from Russian styles and are often cheaper than the steel competition. Some iron kettlebells also have rubber base fittings to help reduce scratches to the floor, but the easy fix is to get some good quality rubber gym floor mat tiles.


Do Cast Iron Kettlebells Rust?

Most metals that are not sealed or prepared properly will have a possibility of rusting. However, there are many factors to why it may rust such as; environment, treatment; material quality, and age.

Let’s be clear though, we are not talking about rust that is so severe that the handle is completely corroded and falls apart, most people may be concerned on spot rust here and there. After each work out, you should wipe the equipment clean so it is free from sweat and any moisture. 

Avoid storing the cast iron kettlebells in moist humid places or exposed to direct sea spray as the salts may add to the metal deteriorating.  If you do see some spot rust develop the best way is to lightly sand it back and get a rust inhibitor from the hardware store.


Cast Iron Kettlebell Sizes

We have kettlebells for sale in all various sizes. Size means the weight of the actual kettlebell, not to be confused with dimensions.

Cast iron kettlebells come in all various sizes, however we will explain the most popular and ideal way they come in. The most common way the sizes should be purchased is in increments of 4kgs. E.g 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg and so forth. The reason for this is because when exercising with kettlebells, we should be using all our muscles for compound movements. 

Therefore when exercising in this way you will get a greater workout and depending on the kettlebell exercise you will likely be using many muscles. So, if you use kettlebell sizes in increments of 2kg for example, you are likely not going to get much of a work out unless you are focusing on smaller muscle groups or doing a more concentrated exercise, e.g strict shoulder press or arm curl.

Kettlebells have become very popular over recent times; there are endless ways to train. You could be aiming for volume with lower weight range, or heavy strength with low repetitions. Or it could be technical kettlebell training as performed by athletes and kettlebell instructors, or even physiotherapy rehabilitation. Whatever you goal is, having a good range of sizes is ideal so that you can change up your workout and make it work for your goal. 

We find the most popular sizes in cast iron kettlebells to be 8kg, 12kg, 16kg and 20kg.


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