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5 Key Factors When Buying A Treadmill

Why spend all your time and money going to a gym weekly when you can simply get in your home the best treadmill for sale in Sydney, Australia at Sweat Central and conveniently do your workouts? We only chose reputable and quality treadmills for sale that have better lasting components, excellent functions and the best warranty for piece of mind.

Be careful of cheap treadmills for sale as you do not want a treadmill which will begin to wear or fail within months of using it. Instead buy a quality treadmill, below are 5 important factors to consider when making a purchase.

Stability: It is very important that you feel the stability of a treadmill before any purchase. While carrying out your workouts, the treadmill should have excellent suspension and not sway or feel unstable. The treadmill deck will be a good indication if it will support the weight of the user. Inferior brands typically have decks that crack overtime. Treadmills come with different weight capacities and a key thing is not to take the treadmill to the maximum support. So if you weight 100kgs for example, don't get a treadmill with a max user rating of 110kgs. The frames should also be rigid enough to keep the control panel visible during the workouts. Ensure that the treadmill manufacturer will cover for any deck and underside warranty.

Space: When planning to buy the best treadmill for Sale in Sydney, Australia at Sweat Central, it is important that you choose one based on how much free space you have in your home or in your office. If you will be putting the treadmill in your bedroom, you need to ensure that the treadmill will be able to fit into any spare space you have. If you intend to put the treadmill in places like a garage or anywhere with a lot of space, then you might not have to worry about the size of the treadmill. Most domestic treadmills have features where the deck can lift up and lock into place to save more space. Commercial treadmills for sale will not have this feature and are a lot heavier.

Price: Usually cost is the first thing on a person’s mind during item purchases and this should be used as an indication of price vs quality. If it's too cheap - there will be a reason for that. Remember; you pay for what you get. Treadmills can be found at different price ranges and when buying a treadmill online you want to ensure the seller has a store and has a robust warranty policy. You might also research how long and what experience they have when it comes with fitness equipment. A quality treadmill will be between $1,400 - $3,000.

Safety: When buying a treadmill, especially if you have small children, it is important that you ensure it’s safe. Ensure there are safety switches and automatic shut off when the safety key is removed. Our treadmills have this feature where you clip your clothes to the safety key that is attached to the console, and if removed will stop the treadmill belt. A well built treadmill should have proper cushioning which can absorb shock which will protect your flooring and reduce impact on your legs. The belt should not slip and feel unsafe or slippery. During your treadmill workout you want the best stability and this goes back to the previous point.

Programming extras: While some treadmills are designed only for walking or light jogs, other treadmills come with programming extras such quick key speed and incline if you want to do interval training to get results. There are also wireless heart rate monitors, walking/running programs, customized user programs, apps and so on. We find that many people get hung up on these features and neglect to look at the quality of the components, warranty on offer and credibility of the brand. Most people will only need a few programs so it may not be the biggest priority.

This information should only be a guide but when buying a treadmill it is important that the seller offers excellent onsite warranty and on going parts availability. The brand should have decades of experience and you should purchase through a place that has experience and is reputable.


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