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Whether it is for your family, older parents, sports club, gym or workplace we can provide you the best advice and service when choosing a treadmill for sale in Sydney. We also offer installation and delivery for our customers due to the bulky nature of running machines. We only stock reputable treadmills for the Sydney locals, so If you are thinking of a treadmill, make sure you visit or speak with us to see how we can help you with your exercise goals.

What to Look for When Buying a Treadmill

Beware of making common mistakes. A good quality treadmill is not cheap, and should be an investment to your health. Here is some advice to look for when buying a treadmill.

Make sure the running belt size is adequate. A good running belt size is around 151cm x 51cm. This is because if you are tall or want to have a decent jog or run you will need space. Anything smaller such as a 140cm x 45cm running belt is likely to be less safe and only best for walking depending on our stride.

Look for large reputable brands that offer good after-sales service. This will determine whether your product is supported well. We often hear how a customer cannot locate the company or treadmill brand and therefore cannot get parts or service. You want your treadmill that can be serviced for up to 10 years or more.

A strong frame, suspension and deck are one of the most important aspects. Nothing is worse than having a deck that cracks and cannot support multiple weight loads. We would say that this is one of the most critical factors if you want to buy a treadmill.

Features and functions are debatable. Most of our customers want a solid running machine that is easy to use. The apps and screen options we find is secondary to the deck, running belt and brand. In saying that, when looking for a treadmill it should be motivating and fun to use, so there is value in apps to a certain point.

Other factors such as speed, incline and decline, programs, motor size are standard in new treadmills. We do not worry too much about these features but rather the benefits on what we outlined above as these can significantly affect the price and longevity of cardio machines.


Is it Worth Buying a Treadmill?

Well that depends on many things. Is it safe to run outside where you are? Do running/walking conditions and the weather bother you? There are many factors why people often ask us advice on buying a treadmill.

If you are serious about making a change to your health – what is that worth to you? Clearly we have seen a tremendous increase of people and companies investing in health. Lockdowns from covid, working from home and concerns of public health safety changed the way people value their physical and mental health. 

What is it worth by not having a treadmill for you or your family? Could it mean by having a treadmill you can; enjoy more convenience, save time, save money on gym fees, increase productivity, relax and, set new goals.

We believe at Sweat Central it is always worth increasing your physical and mental health. 

A quality treadmill is worth it.


Treadmill Delivery and Installation Sydney

Congratulations…you are heading in the right direction in getting fitter and healthier. Let us explain our process once you decide on buying a treadmill in Sydney.

Once you know what to look for in a treadmill and have gone through our buying advice and process, the rest is easy. We take care of any concerns such as delivery, installation, set up and warranty.

To best prepare for delivery and installation for your new treadmill, you should have an idea where it will be set up. Treadmills can take up space so we advise that you should look at approximately 2m x 1m worth of space when the treadmill is fully folded down.

We deliver in most suburbs of metropolitan Sydney and some outer skirts of greater Sydney. New treadmills come boxed and require set up. So we always will ask if you have a convenient place for the delivery to take place.

For delivery and installation, we will arrange for the treadmill to come usually boxed and for an onsite technician to professionally install it. We prefer ground levels such as garages and rooms without steps. However we understand that everyone is different and do our best to cater for all types of buildings. 

If you have wide doors or an area where you can let our technicians know the easiest and best way to enter, that helps a lot. Treadmills are large and heavy, so let us know in advance how your home or place is set up.

Once we are there, our team will begin the installation process, make sure everything is working well and leave your place neat and tidy. Gym equipment and treadmill installation work can be heavy and complex and best done by professionals to void any warranty.

Picking up Your Treadmill from our Store in Sydney

If you want to reduce your costs and pick up your treadmill, we can also help you with that. Many customers choose to pick up their gym equipment and treadmills which makes it cheap. Also saving costs on installation can help. We have handy customers who are able to pick up their treadmill and install it themselves which is perfectly fine.

Here is some advice when picking up your new treadmill from our Sydney based store in Castle Hill.

Make sure you have a large vehicle. Like a van or a Ute is great. Also make sure it is clear of things and you have made space. Roughly around 2m x 1m of empty space is great when laying the box flat.

When you arrive, we will ask that you reverse to our warehouse roller door where we can assist you with loading the treadmill. These are heavy items so please take note. 

In addition you should bring tie downs, or ratchet straps to secure the box.

Unfortunately cars cannot fit a treadmill box that we typically sell. The treadmills we have for sale are usually of quality and boxed large and heavy. Cheap treadmills online are not what we have for sale.

Have a person help you at the unloading point is a great idea, and the extra pair of hands always comes in handy.


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