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Free Standing Punching Bags

Top 5 Tips Buying a Free Standing Punching Bag

There are many benefits of having a free standing punching bag vs hanging a boxing bag. This can be mainly restrictions due to space or fixing a boxing bag to a wall. But before you go out and buy a cheap free standing boxing bag be aware of the many mistakes buyers make.

Quality: There are a number of different types of free standing boxing bags that range in all sorts of prices. If it sounds too cheap then there is a reason for this, it could be the quality of the base, spring or stability pole and punching padding surface and density. Look for a bag that will with stand medium to heavy strikes. Consider who is using it, and for how long each session may be.

Size: Free standing punching bags come in a whole range of sizes, and may also have adjustable heights. The diameter of the punching pad and size will also give an indication of how you can use the bag. Will it only be suitable for punching or will the product grow with your training style allowing for more strikes such as kicking or multiple simultaneous users?

Type: There are commercial and domestic quality free standing punching bags that will determine how long they last or how hard it can be hit. Also the type of free standing bag could be a human shaped Bob body style, a full size boxing bag, or an adjustable height boxing bag style, and spring loaded ones. Depending on the type of boxing training or martial arts training you are doing, we find people choosing a more full sized free standing bag type.

Base Size: Probably one of the most important features is how much volume can the free standing bag base hold, if you are using water, sand or any other filler - this will determine how stable your bag will be when hit. The base should be made of strong polymer material and not easily pierced or damaged during use. If you don't have a strong stable base - you will have bought a product that is a dud and have wasted money and time.

Warranty: Free standing punching bags are big and bulky, and can be hard to return if purchased online. Also they are not cheap to post or deliver. So you want to ensure when buying a free standing punching bag that there is a good warranty period as well as a try in store option to ensure what you are getting is actually the quality you are expecting.

We welcome you to review our range of free standing punching bags that we have on display. The best thing is to try one out and see what quality you are getting. Images on the internet may not accurately describe what you are looking for so we recommend in contacting us to help you decide which is right for you.

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