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kettlebell steel competition

Our Sydney Castle Hill showroom has the 2 main types of quality kettlebells for sale. These are the iron cast Russian kettlebell and steel competition kettlebells. One main concern we have is the increase of cheap kettlebells for sale that of extremely poor quality.


The differences in kettlebells may not look like much however depending on the manufacturer and quality of material they can be very different. The worst types are the cement filled plastic kettlebells that places like Rebel, Kmart and Aldi that have cheap kettlebells for sale. Not only do they feel terrible, but they do not last very long at all due to the brittle material inside hidden by the outer plastic casing.


The different types of kettlebells for sale we offer and recommend are of industry standard quality. The difference between the Iron Russian kettlebells vs steel competition kettlebells are bell size, material and handle size. Steel competition kettlebells have the advantage of handle and bell size always being uniform. Regardless of an 8kg to a 20kg kettlebell, the size and handle is always the same. These are usually colour coded as well. A Russian kettlebell feels more raw and textured as they are made from iron casts and the finishes can vary. Some are smooth, while other people like textured. The advantage is the cheaper cost and for people starting out or just doing kettlebell swings. But the handles and bell start small and get bigger as the weight increases. So if you are looking to perform more technical kettlebell exercises such as Turkish get ups or more rack position form then it may be worth considering competition kettlebells as you will not need to re-train your grip or position.


We only have good quality kettlebells for sale that are tough for any environment and are made for strong lasting workouts. Whether it’s the person starting out in kettlebell training, group exercise or crossfit gyms, we are confident that your kettlebell workout will be efficient and feel great. We also guarantee that they will not crumble or crack like many cheap kettlebells we have seen and that have caused injuries.

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