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Torso Shape MMA Bag

Sold Out $280.00

Whether you are looking for exercise workouts for boxing, kickboxing or mma and martial arts there are a number of different types of punching bags or specialty bags to help improve your fitness and striking game.

The best way to hand these unique punching bags is by a boxing hook or hanger that is fixed to a solid wall or structure. That way you minimize any vibration and shudder when the bag is hit. With specialty bags you can have different shapes, sizes and weights that will allow you to train your strikes from certain angles and perform compound movements giving you more attacking choices. This results in giving you a more effective work out and giving you more technical training.

There are a few specialty bags that are quite popular and timeless such as tear drop bags, angle bags, heavy punching bags, uppercut bags, wall mounted bags, wrecking balls, grappling bags and some free standing boxing bags that are available if you are unable to fix to a wall or solid beam.

We have something for everyone whether it is for home boxing use or commercial gym use. All our items come with robust warranties and are of high quality and can be seen on display for sale.

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