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Rubber Gym Mats

High Quality Gym Mats

Sweat Central only have quality rubber gym mats for sale. When it comes to rubber gym flooring, cheap is never best. In actual fact it can do more harm than anything. There has been countless times where we have heard of people slipping over or not getting the grip and traction that a rubber gym mat should offer.

 So how do you determine what a good quality gym mat is, opposed to the many types out there. If you see our rubber gym mats, you will find them to be non-toxic, almost no odour and the granules are highly compressed making them more fire retardant. Another way to check that you are buying good rubber gym mats is by the weight of the mat. A gym mat that is too light not only means that the materials may be inferior, and are more likely to move once lay down. So if you are using the gym mats for circuit training and other similar movement make sure that the gym mats for sale are of a good weight.

 As more and more people are setting up home gyms and garage gyms we are seeing people being sold on cheap rubber gym tiles. This is leading to unpleasant smells causing headaches, slipping and gym mats that do not last as long as they should. Especially for the person starting out in personal training and buying cheap gym mats, they often end up spending more money and wasting time ripping up the old gym mats. Our advice is to do it properly the first time, spend that little bit more if you can. Otherwise buying cheap rubber gym mats can cost you more in the long run and potentially is an injury hazard for you, or your clients.


Before you make any decision see us, as we specialise in rubber gym mats, jigsaw mats and other flooring mats.

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