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Rubber Gym Mats

We specialize in rubber gym flooring. Most of our home gym customers invest in our rubber gym mats due to the high quality and non-toxic materials we only buy. Our rubber gym tiles only come as 1m x 1m square, and we only sell 15mm thick rubber gym tiles. If you are looking to lay rubber gym flooring for the first time, you have the opportunity to do it right the first time, otherwise taking them back up again and moving all the gym equipment will be painful. Make sure you get the best quality gym flooring tiles to make your home gym look professional while protecting your equipment and floors.

Is Rubber Gym Flooring Good for Gyms?

Probably 90% of our customers will lay rubber gym mats at some stage when they understand the benefits they have. Though it is not a compulsory item of a home gym, it usual is required for any commercial gym to ensure safety.

So let’s look at why it would be good to invest in quality rubber gym mats.

  • The room looks more professional and helps set the mood for your motivation to improve on your health. Good installation of gym mats will always set the scene for your space.
  • Safety and a more durable floor so you don’t slip or hurt yourself and other items surrounding the space.
  • Protection of your floor. Most tiled or wooden floor boards might not be able to withstand the heavy weight placed on the floor. A rubber gym mat that is 15mm thick is ideal.
  • Prevent equipment damage and maintain longevity. Your hard earn money buying weight plates, dumbbells, barbells and other equipment needs to be protected from harsh vibrations through the floor. Our gym tiles will reduce this problem.

How Do You Keep the Rubber Gym Flooring Clean?

So you’ve finally set up your home gym and decided to get some rubber gym tiles for gym, your training days are fun! Not so much with the cleaning, we hear you!

Generally to keep your rubber gym matting clean, you should vacuum regularly depending on much usage your home gym gets.

The next part is the cleaning of the rubber gym tiles. An inexpensive way is simply using cleaning vinegar and mixing that with hot or warm water. If you don’t want a heavy vinegar smell you can always add a few drops of essential oils or something similar to give it a nice fragrance. 

Tip! Use a mop without loose cotton fibers otherwise you’ll have a bunch of fibers sticking to the rough surface – you don’t want that headache. Look for a nylon or microfiber mop or similar.    

Let the mats dry with plenty of ventilation. Make sure not to soak the mats completely wet, mopping the surface of each rubber gym tile will be sufficient.

How Thick Should Rubber Gym Flooring Be?

Over the years we have seen rubber gym flooring thickness vary. 8mm, 10mm,12mm,15mm and even 50mm. This is the gym tile only and not factoring in any underlay. In most home gyms, underlay is not required as most people opt to use rubber gym floor tiles opposed to the rubber gym roll mats.

8mm rubber gym roll mat is usually seen in commercial usage where the entire floor is either stuck direct to the ground or underlay is placed under the rubber gym mat and then rolled over giving it a seamless look.

10mm in our opinion is the most inferior rubber gym tile. It is targeted as a cheap alternative and the rubber fibers are loose and stringy making it crumble or flake away easily. Something we don’t offer.

50mm is a unique rubber gym flooring tile, but very rare as it is expensive and extremely heavy. We have seen these for weight lifting pads, but quite rare. 

The most common and popular are 15mm thick rubber gym flooring. However, don’t be fooled as they can also come in a variety of grades. We only sell ‘A’ grade quality. Without strong odor and do not crumble or flake easily. Be sure to speak with someone about the bond and polymer used when they use during the production process. If you are searching and you find cheap rubber gym flooring, and make sure you ask many questions about the quality. 


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